Bowen Island Cove Commons Project

The Cove Commons; one step closer to reality!

Wednesday January 18th was a celebratory day for Bowen Islanders and visitors alike as it marked the beginning of the Cove Commons building construction phase. This project initiated by the Bowen Island Library and Bowen Island Art Council reflects the vision of creating a joint gathering space for both charitable organizations from which the community will greatly benefit. A great economic opportunity for the island, the space will hosting special events and gatherings throughout the year, highlighting the local artistic and cultural energy. This exciting project came to life thanks to granted funds from the federal government and generous donations from the community. A proud and integral member of this vibrant community, the Bowen Island Lodge has been a key project funder of the Cove Commons, and is thrilled to finally see the project come to life! For Bowen Islanders, 2017 is starting out as a very exciting year!

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